How 7-Eleven Taiwan turned an Acclaimed Ad Campaign into a PR Disaster

7-Eleven had everything going for it in Taiwan.

It is the dominant and indispensable retail presence here. The Taiwanese do everything in 7-Eleven - buy groceries, pay bills, transfer money, book tickets, refill cellphone credit, get surgeries... (ok not really, but maybe one day...) 

The chain also has a history of making creative and popular commercials. And the latest series - titled Seven Lessons About Single Life - is arguably its best. It has not only wowed critics, it's also won prestigious awards.

But then the 6th episode came out.

And within 24 hours, this acclaimed ad campaign turned into a full-on PR disaster.

What happened?

And what can we learn from this cautionary tale?

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What happened when Investors had to Pitch to Startups

This past week I attended a large gathering of entrepreneurs from around the world here in Taipei, Taiwan, where the hosts did something rather unusual: They made the 30+ angel investors and venture capitalists pitch to the startups. 

In this total role-reversal, the investors - extremely smart people who evaluate up to hundreds of pitches a year - now had to get onstage and be evaluated.

Their task was simple: to pique the interest of the startups in attendance, so they'll come and meet with the investor to talk potential partnerships.

The tough part? Each investor had only four minutes.

So how did they do?

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